Freemasonry in Australia in general, and Queensland in particular, is indeed, an absolute crock brother Anonymous.

Brethren, join a lodge under Scotland, Ireland, or England and you will find two major differences ;
1. Brotherly love and mutual support DO exist in Masonry (outside Queensland),
2. Grand Lodge do NOT involve themselves in lodge affairs.

This control nonsense that UGLQ is gorging itself on, and the power trip that Thomo and Overman are on, don’t exist in the “Home Grand Lodges”. There is no such thing as a Permission to Ballot in any of them. The lodge informs GL AFTER the initiation that they have a new member. GL supports the lodges, not controls them. Thomo’s worst nightmare, independent lodges.

The fat controller is just a self-important power tripping control freak with a nasty streak as wide as his ever growing girth.

Hey Thomo, answer an email every now and then so we know that you are still alive and actually do go into the office occasionally, or do you need to employ someone to do that for you again you poor overworked soul (you must get 30 emails a day). Instead of a secretary to the grand secretary (which made you look as incompetent as you are) how about a Deputy Grand Secretary again. Now that Uncle Bob has donated a few million dollars to keep you employed at our expense, why not add another $100,000 a year to your ridiculous $150,000 a year. The members won’t speak up against you or Overman, they are all too afraid of what you will do to them. Either way fat boy, you and we all know that the job is WAY too big for your skill set. For goodness sake man, let a competent administrator with at least some knowledge of Freemasonry and a decent heart take the job and then you can go back to selling service contracts on military vehicles – at least you had some competence and respect there.

  1. Oh for men to lead the Craft who are not happy to develop cliques, acolytes and blind followers. Men who have a sense of decency and are gentlemen in every sense of the word. Men who are happy to be of service for the good of our organisation without any thought of financial reward or recompense. And men who are not vindictive and who have a largeness of heart to forgive, fight injustices and treat all brothers as equals.

    I may be accused of being old fashioned and outdated but from all the poisonous politics that are being played out and now seeping into other masonic orders, we need brethren of real character to step up and say
    “Stop! Enough of this rot. Go play your silly games elsewhere and don’t tarnish this wonderful institution any further.”

    • unfortunately the bastards that are vindictive, chain chasing, racist , two faced, backstabbers (and all other negative traits) band together, close ranks and gang up on their targets

      The good guys either stare at their navel hoping that they don’t become a target, don’t care or have to stand alone against them and eventually are chased out.

      Whats worse, is that young masons see this going on , and while they may not be a target (yet) eventually they get fed up with watching it happen and leave.

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