The following communication from the legal eagle to UGLQ proves many points and what they are up to.

“Even though we are not really chasing the damages”

Exactly what does this mean ? In light of the close to a mill$ they have spent on chasing this case just so a couple of them can slobber on the stand to how hurt the have been. These f***ing snowflakes are beyond contempt. To do what they have to many, many freemasons, lodges and the craft in general, its us who should run the victim impact statements.

“Provided they are willing to give evidence”

again what the hell does that mean ? are they fearful of cross examination by a Lamington Lodge member or is their entire action just a crock?

“if successful at trial”

does this mean they have doubts?

Not going to go further into this but just shows what a low life bunch of pricks they are.

  1. Their numerous legal representatives must be salivating at the instructions from Saunders, Overman and Holland. They remind you of the Three Stooges with a huge amount of Whoop, Whoop. NaHhhhh
    A smart judge will see their actions for what they are as their legal team milk this account.

  2. When will someone hold these people accountable. They clearly dislike participation but happily access the members funds to satisfy their need to dominate.

    Every time they open their mouths or instigate action, they fail miserably. Not the sign of Freemasons with principles. As Donald would say “your fired”.

    • This burning question of holding the GM, DGM, AGM, GBoD and BoB to account, has been the mission of this site.

      Other than a handful of true Freemasons and the true members of Lamington called miscreants by Ann St, it is the membership of UGLQ who have allowed Townson, Holland, Saunders and Tomlinson to continue with bullying and possible criminal breaches, to be unaccountable for their actions.

      So simply it is everyone of you who has not stood up to protect the Craft who is to blame.

      • I’m a proud member of Lamington Lodge® and have no regrets leaving UGLQ. My loyalty is to my Lodge and my Brothers, especially when they/we have been treated so harshly by UGLQ. Maybe UGLQ and BoB have something to hide at any cost?

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