A twist in the lies told by Tomlinson in London has come to light. In his storytelling to to UGLE he made the following statement.

A voice from the beehive has revealed a worshipful brother had attempted to induce a brother into producing false certificates. The said WB had been offered Grand Rank at about the time of “inducement”. Was this some ploy by Ann St and Tomlinson in particular to deflect some of the fall out from the lies and false accusations made in London by Tomlinson?

The unsubstantiated and knowingly false accusations made by Tomlinson and backed up by Saunders have never been withdrawn even after it was discovered Tomlinsons signature is on the certificate he claimed was false and was issued by his office. The certificate is now in London.

This sitting WM approached a brother trying to get him to falsify a number of Clearance Certificates which we assume would have gone to Geraldton and Port Curtis. This in turn, if they had been produced, would have damaged the integrity of those brethren leaving the cesspit and more particular, Geraldton and Port Curtis under UGLE.

To try and initiate such a low act is what we have expected from Tomlinson led by Saunders and Overman, but the actions of the WM in selling his masonic soul for a trinket and Grand Rank makes all Grand Lodge Officers past, present and future worthless.

If that is the price of a brothers honour then this particular worshipful brother cheapens the craft in Queensland if it had not been cheapened enough by the scum in residence.

Those who send you out to stab brothers in the back are even more likely to stab you in the back when it suits them. Just remember what happened to Campbell, Cook, Jackson, West…….. It will happen to you and no one will lift a finger on either side to support you.

  1. There is no honour among thieves. Loyalty is only for self interest and flies out the window when self preservation is the utmost requirement.

    The depth to which the players would descent and the ratting required, reminds me of ‘The Mole’ where in each contestant was given a challenge.

    The parallels are never ending, in that the series was produced by Mason Media. It was aired on Channel Seven. Channel Seven has perfected the use of SLAPP to try and shut down The Kangaroo Court website and Shane Dowling the person behind the site.

    • The clowns of Ann St, no longer trust each other, they know that one of them is leaking, but they not know who. Is it Thomo? Is it Ray? or now that the 7 year itch, I mean plan, has been completed, is it Pauly? Do you fealy anything as he is a nothing and knows he is now worthless and has no leverage.
      The analogy with ‘the mole’ is priceless, who is going to be convicted of perjury?

  2. Having seen the un-redacted version of above and to simplify naming these brethren, I will simply use, A, B and C to replace the Christian names of those individuals.

    Bro B is alleged to have presented the forged clearance, while W Bro C had asked Bro A to produce a forged clearance for him.

    At the time, it was considered whether the clearance was forged and if so, Bro B had to have breached the security of the Grand Secretary’s office to access the Seal. The alternative was that the clearance was genuine and Bro B was being imprisoned within UGLQ for vindictive purposes.

    Bro A is well know in our circle due to his prolific promotions and his family connections with Great Queen St.

    One now assumes that WBro C is under investigation by both Grand Lodges, while Bros A and B cleared of any breaches.

    • GL rank was deemed worth it by the three old farts who turned Judas and signed over the Stones Corner Masonic Centre to UGLQ. They duly received their 30 pieces of silver, gold-plated chains. Such is how it works in UGLQ and always has.

      It’s like the old National Party gerrymander days. It you met someone who was a Sir, it meant they were probably a crook, rewarded by a crooked government. UGLQ have given grand rank the same status.

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