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Does this mean no day in court ?

  1. The focus of Tomlinson, Townson, Saunders is “damage”. They seem to have forgotten “credibility”. Amongst Freemasons they have shown themselves to be devoid of “credibility”.

  2. If the case actually gets into the court, I am going to be there to hear Tomlinson, Townson and Saunders plead the damage to their credibility. Now that is going to be a hoot watching them face Bro Halton’s QC.

    How I would love to see this go
    “Mr Tomlinson, are you an honest man?”
    “Why yes, I do everything that Mr Overman and Mr Saunders asks m to do”.
    Mr Tomlinson, would you say that your statements to both UGLE and GLTas where you defamed brethren was a true statement?”
    “Ahhh I suppose so, Martin said so”
    “Mr Tomlinson, you said that you had evidence, can you please explain that evidence?”
    “Ahhh the Board said to say that, including the current Grand Master Paul Holland”
    “So you did not have any evidence?”
    “Well, um, um um, can I ask Ray and Martin?”
    Mr Tomlinson, can I suggest that you are a liar and bully and that you believe that a pat on the back is a precursor to a stabbing?’
    “Mr Tomlinson, see the 100 good Freemasons sitting behind me, well they believe that you are everything that a freemason is not, and that means you are a scumbag who defames people at the drop of a hat, so how has my client damaged your reputation?”

    “But, but, but, he said it”

    Mr Tomlinson, he did not say anything often sorts and again you tried to destroy a good man by lying and leaking.”

    “Your Honour, this is a vexatious and frivolous claim that Mr Tomlinson has no evidence and has used a SLAPP to destroy my client and others”

    Judge: “Mr Tomlinson, I find against you and you personally will have to pay $1,000,000 for being an applicant to two failed Anton Pillar Orders and numerous false claim. You will be arrested and charged with perjury. Take this man away.

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