Masonic Humor: “As a brother and I were walking down the street while we were visiting. We happen to pass a pet shop. It has a sign in the window that caught our eye. It said, “See our Masonic Birds.”
Well we looked at each other and since we had time before our scheduled meeting, we decided to investigate?
We went in and proceeded to the aviary to view the birds. While we were inspecting them the owner came over and offered to help us.
“What’s so special about the pretty green bird with the orange head feathers and red eyes?”, I asked.
“Oh, he recites the Working tools of the First Degree.”, was the reply. How much is that bird I queried. That one goes for $500 said the owner.
“What about that blue bird with the red trim feathers and yellow beak?, I asked.
“That bird knows the first degree tracing board charge and sells for $750.”, said the owner.
“And what about that outstanding purple bird with the iridescent green plumage”, I asked.
“That particular bird is exceptional because the does the whole of the Third Degree and he sells for $1,000.”
“Oh, I see. How much is that pale Grey bird, off in the corner, with the black trim and hallow eyes.” I inquired.
“Well that bird goes for $2,000.”, said the owner.
“Wow”, I said, “What does he do?”
“Nothing.”, replied the owner.
“Nothing?”, I repeated. “Well, then why are you charging so much for him?” I wanted to know.
“All I know”, said the owner, ”is that all the other birds call him,‘ Most Worshipful Grand Master’

  1. What a brilliant example of the Ceremonial Head of UGLQ, Grand Master Paul Holland.

    Paul says nothing in public that will ruffle anyone’s feathers
    but rather parades around like a peacock displaying the brilliance of it tail feathers
    while has his flock of loyal birds, do all the recitals.

    • Ceremonial head ? Does he not sit on the general board? Does he not propose and second motions ? That’s not the actions of a ceremonial head, it’s the actions of a fully liable member of a management board. Lying turd won’t take responsibility, shows the measure of the man, compared to the last 2 at least he is equal in moral statue. One day we may get something better than something trapped under whale crap.

      • Just ask him if he is responsible for the financial and mismanagement and he will be quick to recite his mantra
        “I am only the ceremonial head”, BullShite

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