The agreement evidenced by the accompanying correspondences date 16 November 2015 between Milner and Mark just beggars belief . How could BOB’s directors agree to such an unconscionably uncommercial arrangement and at the same time extend the CEO’s notice period from 6 to 24 months . Nowhere , absolutely nowhere , in the commercial world would such an arrangement ever be contemplated . One could ask how evidence of this correspondence , the associated CEO Employment Agreement , and CEO Mark’s group certificate indicating his remuneration for year ended 30 June 2016 of $3,562,325 has leaked out .

Someone in there is unhappy ! One could only ask where was Grand Master Bacon as a director of BOB , where was then vice President Wiltshire , where was chairman of Audit and Risk Aronis , where was Christensen , and where was in house legal counsel Tavoularis , when this was allowed to occur ?

What else , yet undisclosed , such as Aronis signing off on the payout of the lease on Milner’s 740 Series BMW , has been waved through without any indication of their attention to their fiduciary duties as directors ?

One could also well ask why didn’t the ‘ intensive ‘ non independent investigation into BOB’s affairs which Saunders and his bunch undertook , consuming ‘ hundreds of their valuable hours ‘ unearth this fleecing of the members’ funds , and if it was , why was this not disclosed to the membership ?

Clearly , this was all part of the grand cover up ! If this is not compelling evidence of the need for the long sought after independent forensic audit of both BOB and UGLQ into their appalling governance , I will rest my case .

While at it , the governance process surrounding BOB’s largesse in its recent distributions to Guide Dogs ( Saunders is a director and it sounds a bit like protection money) ,and to Hervey bay Marine Rescue( Gary Mark’s stamping ground ) should be reviewed .​

Here is the detail

  1. Further to my comment above I have again looked at the disclosure in the accounts for 2016.
    In respect of Key Personal the retention and Incentives paid to 10 people amounted to $2,786,194.
    The directors syphoned off $132885, or 4 of them did.
    There is a staff contract termination paid to 4 people totalling $1,668,214 but that can’t apply to Mark as he continued on as CEO .
    If he was paid $3.5M and his salary was $415000 for the year as per the advice from Milner that means he must have got $3.085M as a retention and incentive. Only $2.7M was disclosed paid to 10 people.
    Where is the forensic audit? Things are not as they seem!

  2. We now can see a fraud, something allowed to occur under the control of a drunken sailor or tree hugger who is a well practiced ritualist of the grandest order.

    BoB was a path to a treasure chest, the road to the honey pot was planned and constructed with military precision. Pure evil.

  3. UGLQ have done everything they could possibly do to convince the Grand Lodge of Scotland that they would be backing the right horse to take Lodge Lamington back.

  4. Bacon and Townson as well as Holland have many questions to answer,
    the first is why did they sell the brother out,
    the second is what inducements or collusion was used to force them into changing the Constitution at the Mackay QC.

    Think about this, it has taken over 11,600 in Charity Jewels to pay for his bonus.

    • As they say, every challenge provides an opportunity, in this instance there is an opportunity now for GM Holland to STAND UP and show some real leadership in his new role rather than continuing to squirm like a worm. GM Paul Holland (Dutchy) could choose to replicate the fable which relates to his name about the Dutch boy who saved his village by figuratively sticking his finger in the dyke.

      If Holland was to show some intestinal fortitude by immediately implementing a full and open independent forensic of BoB, there would be an immediate positive benefit to craft in Queensland which would help root out many of the evil people who have been the architects of its unfortunate decline in recent years.

  5. Reading the post, reinforces the case for a full forensic audit. This information creates more questions. Schedule 1 to the Value Creation Agreement headed Valuable Incentive Amount (valuable it was to Gary Mark Variable it should have been), to me caps the incentive at $1.7M. His salary for the year was set at $457,000 with a backdated bonus of $100,000 according to the letter from Milner. This puts total remuneration, according to my maths, at $2.25M. The group certificate says $3.5m. Where did the extra $1.25m come from? My theory is that the Value Creation Agreement is a draft. Just look at the poor drafting by Paxton Hall referred to above. It looks like the CAP has been removed in the final version to allow Mark to get more. Maybe he wasn’t happy with $1.7M bonus for doing his job.

  6. I now understand Townson’s use and abuse of his power in shutting down questions by the upright brothers of Lamington Lodge at successive QCS

    It’s also interesting how Gary Mark could accuse a brother of Unmasonic conduct at his Kedron briefing.

    The only Unmasonic conduct is that if the BoB Executive and Board.

  7. Do you wish to make an anonymous comment Paul Holland to defend UGLQ and BoB, both of which you are now a formal board director?

    • When will you get it, Holland the ethical Grand Master says, he is only the ceremonial head of the craft, he has no involvement in management and financial decisions. 🤮 🤮 🤮 🤥

      Thankfully my reality pill has commenced to work, that’s right, he is in it up to his neck and was part of the delegation that designed and implemented these decisions.

  8. According to the letter dated 16th Nov 2015 it appears that the ‘Market Review’ favouring Gary Mark awarded him a salary increase of $118,313 or approx. 35% increase to a new total of $457,000 p.a. plus perks. Compare this to government CPI figures for the four (4) quarters June 2014 to June 2015 amounting to 3.0% only. But wait there’s more for Gary Mark! An additional $100,000 payment back dated 12 months! Then there’s the multi million dollar bonus (success fee) upon sale of MSQ, wasn’t he just ‘doing what was asked of him?
    Looks like the directors of BoB were ‘spending like drunken sailors’ and ‘laughing all the way bank’ at the same time. Wasn’t this the time when the directors of BoB awarded themselves generous salaries, this had never happened before. Incidentally, aren’t most of the same directors still in place?

  9. Oh dear, now I am starting to realise why the former president of our general board was apoplectic with rage at the Quarterly Communications. Perhaps he had some inkling that all wasn’t right with the sale of the Homes and creation of HHP and knew that if the truth seeped out there might be major ramifications?

    Too late now. We have part of the pudding to eat, albeit a very small portion.

    I wonder what all the Bacon, Townson and Holland sycophants are thinking right now? We’ve been conned?

    • I think that you’ll find that Saunders got his knickers in a knot when he learnt that a post onto this site occurred during the aforementioned QC. Prior to that, Saunders is on record in the UGLQ magazine saying that ‘he didn’t know what was going on’!!

      As has been widely reported, it was some Lamington PM’s who acquainted firstly Townson and subsequently Saunders about the wrong doings of BoB so he had multiple facts presented not just an inkling.

      It’s also general knowledge that rather than thank these concerned Lamington brethren for their diligence he acted like an attack dog firstly orchestrating their expulsion then foreshadowing a motion at the Oakey QC to withdraw the Lamington Warrant.

      In addition, Saunders instigated two (2) failed Anton Pillar orders costing in excess of $200,000 of your money which with damages could end up costing more than $1,000,000. Yet he wouldn’t authorise an independent forensic audit of BoB which at ‘mates rates’ would have cost only $70,000. What has he/they got to hide?

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