Question: We are able to pay this grotesque amount to a cowan and cannot find the money for an audit ?

The rest of the contracts we have make equally good reading, we shall release as we see fit.

  1. I wouldn’t like a group certificate like this because I know that I would have taken it from hard earned honest money raised by brethren and their families for the benefit of the aged and infirm.

    No amount of bribes or ‘incentives’ could induce me to stoop so low.

    • They could not care a toss about where it came from, only where its going and will never come back. can you see these pricks handing anything back? We have all the nodding dogs congratulating Holland and Cohen on the $6.2m for buying out the lease, what effing planet are these people on ? what about the rest of the benevolence fund, hard earned by those who came before us and donated to help charities and poor and needy masons ? We were screwed over by a bunch of freeloading cowans who deserve no place in the craft. Pure scum.

  2. This site is to receive the remuneration advice for three other employees and Directors. Time for the forensic audit, complete with total transparency. It’s no longer negotiable.

    The alternative is to embarrass every member of the Board by posting the additional disclosures at the appropriate time, 21 Oct might be appropriate.

  3. That is a **HELL** of a lot of money to be paid to one person in any one year. One must ask what this fellow did to earn that amount. Board of Benevolence all right – they are very benevolent to their employees.

    I would like to know if they have any other jobs for offer. I’d also like to know who is John Gary Mark.

  4. Dear Anonymous 4:51 7th Oct 2019, I wholeheartedly agree with your sentiments but, it’s very unfortunate, that the likes of Saunders, Overmann, Townson (who is now a paid director of BoB and loves having his nose in the trough) Paul Holland etc. will continue to support the obscenely over paid Gary Mark and just thumb their noses at the general membership. They see that OUR benevolent contributions is pocket money for THEM, why would they change now?
    Like the old Mortein advt. “When your’re on a good thing-stick to it”

  5. To all the executive board members of UGLQ and Hand Heart Pocket…we demand an ‘independent forensic audit’ be conducted at once!!!! Mr Townson…you know all about the ‘independent forensic audit’…you agreed to it in private…and then you cancelled it after reading a ‘letter’ you received.

    • Elliott Ness & the Untouchables

      The Most Wormful GM was (allegedly) advised by the BoB that if he intended to do his duty as GM and represent the brethren of Queensland, then he would only receive expenses and would lose his $250,000 (approx) paycheck from BoB as a paid Director. We hear he capitulated as MOst Wormful GM and took the money.

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