When you weigh it up the single year bonus received by Gary Mark it equated to 40 years annual salary for the typical Australian worker.

6302.0 – Average Weekly Earnings, Australia, May 2019

For a skilled adult working full time the current stats show that on average they would take home a little over $88,000 per year. How the hell did we get to a point that a position that up till Bacon was voluntary done for the benefit of the craft became a trough for blatant corruption.

The average mason today would be hard pressed to make that bonus, not forgetting the $450,000 pa he and others get, in a lifetime of work.

We have to ask the question is to what did Bacon get for knifing us in the back, what is it Tommo loves to spout ? A Pat on the back is a precursor to a knife. Bacon, what did you do? and also what did you get ?

Corruption, corruption, corruption and may god prosper the scum.

  1. Watching a YouTube video on Jeffery Epstein by Shaun Attwood, a poignant comment was made:

    “The veil of philanthropy, rip away that facade, and you’ve got a devious international sex slave, child trafficking paedophile”. Almost reminds me of the visit to New Caledonia for the Grand Installation with Gary Bacon as GM.

    • Interesting analogy as the paedophile and sexual harassment investigations within a very small section of senior GLOs are not over.

  2. Is it true that Little Al did not see out his full term as MWGM, as that would have made him a volunteer, but instead he took the money as a paid member of the Board of Benevolence?

    • Interesting. He officially became a Director of the Board of Benevolence in June 2016, the month prior to becoming MWGM. Therefore he was able to collect any financial benefits gifted to the Directors of BoB for the 2015/2016 FY.

  3. To the public who are reading this web page, take notice that the Masonic Memorial Centre of UGLQ will be open to the public on Saturday 12 Oct 9am to 4pm as part of the Brisbane Open House program. Feel free to enter this architectural wonderland and ask questions about the alleged unmasonic management of UGLQ and BoB.

  4. To put Mark’s remuneration in perspective it is equal to the sum of the remuneration of the President/ Prime Ministers
    Of the following countries:-
    United States
    United Kingdom
    New Zealand

    It must be a difficult job in giving money away

  5. Well said Tiler, its a crying shame that this information has come to light, don’t you have pity for Gary Mark’s information to become public. Well I don’t, I thing this is the sunshine that BaCon and Townson have not wanted the members to illuminate.

    BaCon should have his head on a pike, he, Townson and Holland took the deceitful motion to Mackay to have the poor brothers in Mackay be mislead into approving the changes to the BoB and this is what we got. They sold the aged care that was run successfully for many years by those with benevolent intent.

    Then you have Saunders telling UGLE how armatures we’re running BoB so poorly that the now have had to spend the rewards of our benevolence for almost 100 years on rewarding crooks. Saunders again lied to UGLE.

    Remember, this site started as a vehicle to communicate between the brethren and for our voices to be heard by the crooks who are avid readers of this site. Even Tommo is so addicted to reading our thoughts, that he accesses the site during QCs.

    The good brethren who were given the illegal 313 expulsions by this corrupt junta, should now be applauded by the membership. While PHIL AUSTIN, the one eyed boxing referee should have his head on the pike besides BaCon, including Townson, Holland, Wilshire, Milner and the others involved in the stealing of members funds.

    The greed of these pricks is beyond justification. The authorities need to step in and investigate the whole process and decisions. There appears to be collusion between the CEO and Board to pay him bonuses for apparently doing his job.

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