The malevolent intent of Tommo is here for all to see with what can only be said as a pack of lies.

  • What disrepute did Lamington inflict on UGLQ ?
  • Considering Lamington asked many many times to have meetings why did Tommo have to lie about getting “to the table”.
  • Why bring Geraldton into it ?
  • The perpetual lie about “No Clearance Certificates Issued”. How strange then is the fact UGLE have a real one signed by Tommo.
  • The only truth in this letter from Tommo is ” That “thieving mob of mongrels” being UGLQ”.
  • Love the last line about keeping UGLE informed, UGLQ cant even keep its own members informed, they have to come here.

11 June 2018

RW Bro Derek Dinsmore
Grand Chancellor
United Grand Lodge of England
Dear Sir and Brother,

On Thursday the 17th of May last, I met with Brother David Roberts-Jones and Brother Lister Park to open dialogue with your office and discuss a situation here in the United Grand Lodge of Queensland.

Since then there have been several developments that we would like you to know about.
Lamington Lodge No 110 UGLQ has continued to bring Freemasonry into disrepute to the point that the Most Worshipful Grand Master and the General Board of Directors has temporarily suspended the Warrant of that Lodge.

Efforts have been made to get senior members of the lodge “to the table” to try to create a path back to normality, but the representatives of the Lodge have not taken the opportunities. Instead their appalling activities on a public website and in other forums have continued.
The General Board of Directors has seen fit to exclude the Worshipful Master, Secretary and three other members from the Craft.

Since that has happened the connection between some of the miscreants at the suspended Lodge and Geraldton Lodge 3554 EC has developed and in fact it is being openly boasted that an being well Geraldton Lodge will have a fifty percent increase in membership at its next meeting having received 45 Applications.

No Certificates of Eligibility (Clearance Certificates) have been issued by UGLQ. (See example attached)

The story is being perpetuated that the Membership Subscription for Geraldton Lodge is AUD $50.
One Member of Geraldton Lodge unwittingly touted to the President of The UGLQ General Board of Directors last Saturday, saying that he (The President) should: “leave that thieving mob of mongrels” and join Geraldton Lodge. That “thieving mob of mongrels” being UGLQ

The United Grand Lodge of Queensland has absolutely no problem with Geraldton Lodge and its operations within the Stale of Queensland, but are concerned that the miscreants from Lamìngton Lodge and the people they attract may very well cause future problems in Geraldton Lodge.

We will continue to take very strong action on these matters and keep you informed of outcomes.

Yours Fraternally,
Ian Tomlinson
Grand Secretary Executive Manager
CC: Grand Master, UGLQ
Ray Saunders, President General Board of Directors

  1. One wonders if the fat controller Thommo learned his lying and bullying tactics from his prisoners during his time as a prison guard (before it became too hard for him). Word has it that he was a stand over bully as a Corrections Officer, so it seems not to be a new development but a longstanding practice. At least he no longer has the authority to perform body cavity searches on those who piss him off – apparently he really enjoyed doing those.

  2. A review of the “exclusions” of the Lamington was conducted by the Grand Register of UGLQ. That review found that the exclusions had been committed “illegally” by UGLQ. The UGLQ or Grand Secretary has never publicly confirmed the outcome of the review to the membership of UGLQ. The UGLQ is doing a bloody good job all by themselves of bringing Freemasonry into disrepute.

    • The Grand Officers of UGLQ are always talking about being defamed. Yet despite the “exclusions” being reviewed as “illegal” by the Grand Register, the UGLQ continues to refer to the Lamingtons as “miscreants”. UGLQ are class outfit for “defaming” others who dare speak up and ask for transparency. All the Lamingtons have ever wanted since the beginning of 2017 is for an independent forensic audit to be conducted. If the Lamingtons have anything to hide, an independent forensic audit would be the last thing they would want. Maybe UGLQ (First Miscreant?) and BoB (Second Miscreant?) have something to hide?

    • Another defamation case or class action to follow? Tommo will be broke by the time everyone he as damaged is finished with him.
      The foolish act are not covered by the insurance policy, they have broken laws and will personally pay damages.

    • Great background,
      he has obviously forgotten he is no longer a screw. Now just a screw loose. If I catch this prick, it won’t be a cavity check, but the tube inserted and removed after a deposit is left behind. Tommo you know what the deal is on this, a bit of form helps hey?
      You weak piece of shite.

    • Mr Paul Holland, do you wish to make any comment regarding the un-masonic conduct of the Grand Lodge Officers of UGLQ for tonight’s News?

  3. Well we now know that they truly are a ‘thieving mob of mongrels’.

    Fancy having the gall to call many of the fine upstanding brethren from Lammington, miscreants. There is method in their madness for using such a derogatory word. It aims to create the illusion that these men are the baddies; a bit like in the old cowboy movies where the good guys wore the lighter coloured hats while the baddies wore black ones.

    I am very sure that England and Scotland have now seen through all the smokescreens too.

  4. Mr Tomlinson, I wish to inform you that letters such as the one written by you to the Grand Chancellor of the United Grand Lodge of England is not setting a good example to follow. I understand that Lamington Lodge has a history of its members being held in high regard. Rather then focus your efforts on the United Grand Lodge of England, I highly recommend that the United Grand Lodge of Queensland focus on what they can do to improve the relationship between themselves and their members.

  5. Tomlinson you are a bloody liar, bully and intruder on the tenets of Freemasonry.

    The revealing of the Board of Benevolence CEO’s bonus has to have UGLE questioning everything that Tomlinson, Saunders, Townson and the then RWor Bro Paul Holland’s ever states when in Great Queen Street. The supporters for these liars should just resign under the walk of shame.

    At the same time we should be praising the miscreants for their steadfast support for their Masonic principles.

    Let’s not forget the brutal attacks on brothers Halton, Hogan and Buckley whose good characters has been damaged in a number of jurisdictions, from Queensland to New South Wales to Tasmania and abroad in England and Scotland. Not one of these three brothers can participate in orders until exonerated by UGLQ.

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