Gary Mark is on record for his famous “The craft will be gone in 5 years in Queensland” and with the current state of play and his group certificate now for all to see what must the Craft here and in the UK think.

Tommo and Cook went over to England to bemoan the fact of a few upstanding men dared question the blatant rape of the Masonic Care Homes and Board of Benevolence monies. What transpired was (through released minutes from England) that Tommo took the opportunity to attack various brethren and set up Saunders to come in and do the same.

Between Tommo and Saunders the resulting diatribes served only to put Great Queen St on notice of an out of order and dysfunctional Grand Lodge.

The minutes show that England stayed their hand in confronting Tommo and Saunders with some very obvious questions. The two big noises ran their mouths off with gay abandon, slagging off all and sundry in the belief that they are almighty and that their word is gospel. Sorry boys, UGLE is not the police state you want UGLQ to be. Like it or not, protections are in place to protect everyone under European and English law with anyone able to request anything an organisation holds on them. Phone calls, memos, emails, letters etc. are all available to anyone who thinks there might be a little kidology going on.

The subsequent release of information under the Subject Access Request rules shows the infantile actions of Tommo and Saunders in slandering Queensland Brethren and misleading UGLE to the point of defamation. The guarded response by members in England should have warned the dopey duo that it just was not cricket to go around slagging people off. Instead UGLE settled down with the popcorn to watch the debacle play out, saying as much in their notes.

The time is now close to one particular issue playing out with the action against Bro Halton due in court on the 21st of October with BaCon, Tomlinson, Saunders and Townson giving evidence in what could only be a victim (really?) impact statement but then having to face Graeme Page QC, one of the Miscreants. I’m sure a few of us will be there to watch that.

In light of all the minutes and documents spilled to this site this action shows itself to have been a complete waste of time and our money. Each of the plaintiffs should be held liable for any costs incurred, that includes the trustees that have so let down the craft, particularly the drunk and the deviant.

Bacon heralded a new disorder, weak and sycophantic men placed in positions, a new apathy instilled on the membership and a Hindenburg moment of numbers. It almost seems like a devious plan to wipe out the craft, we get a Paper Tiger who’s first meaningful action is to lie to the Australian Newspaper and follow his henchman Saunders with the shadowy Overman pulling the strings. We get criminals and liars positioned in the temple who then run rampant with threats and a could not care less attitude destroying more and more faith as time progresses. Grand Lodge moves into Macbeth mode with more backstabbing that a night out in London relieving itself of any could be recalcitrant voices. What we are now left with is 2 imperious walrus, Holland and Overman. Propped up by the fat controller and a criminal. A board that is there in name and a Grand Reg who no longer supports his masters. Flimsies are as thin on the ground as active GLO’s and no one wants to come out to play with the big bullies in the yard. Overman refuses to meet in a group and insists on his one on one Machiavellian meetings and the fat controller is merely a glove puppet.

Lets hope the coming case washes us of this tidemark we have inherited from Bacon.

  1. With the Craft heading the way of the dinosaurs, and the Board of Benevolence having possession of our donations and the proceeds from the sale of the Sandgate Homes, the hyenas have a big carcass to devour.

  2. The fat controller (i do like that description of the Bland Master), he is no more than a eunuch, he has no testicles of his own, he used the authority of his predecessors to get his way, he also ensured he placed his men into the positions that counted and who did his bidding. How many time has it been reported on this site that Holland would say he had no blood on his hands. What he did was sharpen the sword, identify the target and have his programmed robots go forth and attack.

    The decisions to defame and commence litigation is purely vindictive and I am sure it will be found that the parties to these atrocities are not protected by the Constitution nor the indemnity. This means that the applicants and those that defamed at least three brethren and damaged the reputation of the Lamington and all previous BoB Directors, will have to personally pay the piper. The damages will be quite substantial and insolvency will be the outcome for Saunders, Overman, BaCon, the Trustees and in particularly Tomlinson.

    If I was a betting man, I would put money on the fact that if the case does go ahead, it will last only one day, as the applicants will falter to the skills of Graeme Page QC and the judge will make an early decision. So get your tickets and attend the first day and support Bros Halton and Page as well as the Craft.

  3. When details are known, many of us would appreciate the address of the court, which court room and what time we should show up on the 21st to watch the show.

    Question for our legal professionals – Is one allowed to bring popcorn into the observers gallery of a court room? 😂

    Seriously, please let us know where to attend.

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