Got something you want verifing ?

Ask here about anything to do with information about what is going on in Queensland Freemasonry and we will try our best to answer it.

It can be anything at all and we especially invite anyone attached to Ann st to also answer, after all we do not exclude anyone.

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  1. I’d like to start a conversation about property stolen from Lodges and from brothers. I know of one brother, my own proposer in fact, who has stolen an apron from our Lodge, and the evidence points towards him having stolen another apron from a brother who visited our installation last year.

    It should be an easy matter to compare notes and move these so called ‘brothers’ from out of our midst, thereby cleaning our social environment a little. There might be little we can do right now to unseat those at the top of the pile (i.e. GL), but if we start at the bottom and work from there, we might be able to shake up this sad state of affairs.

  2. I have it on fairly good authority that Theebine and Woolooga Lodges are seriously collecting evidence that could be devastating to certain people in high positions.
    Is this true?

    • As it says on the label tell us what you would like checking not some grunt. As for facts if you put your likkelist knuckle on the mouse and move it to the blue writing above (that’s the stuff in a different colour) bang your mouse a couple of times and if by magic the court records appear. What would you call it ? A conspiracy against Brother Criminal sorry Cohen ?

  3. You claim that the Grand Treasurer is a criminal, what proof do you have ?
    I do not understand that if he is why would Tambourine Lodge have him as a member ?

    • The Grand Treasurer has a long record of indiscretions in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland.
      Details of information available can be found on the following links.
      Within this ruling it states “A range of matters arose, including his criminal history, his bankruptcy, his driving history and his company‚Äôs failure to lodge BAS statements.”

      As for the lodge, someone obviously lied on their application or due diligence had not been observed.

      A further case comes to light which goes to his character.

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